We specialize in delivering safe and reliable horsepower from your EFI or carbureted vehicle

No other facility has the capability to tune your vehicle to its optimum level of performance...

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We've Moved!....The shop in Woodbridge was officially closed on July 31, 2001.  Our new shop is located in Midland, just a short trip south on I-95 off the Garrisonville exit.  Stop by and see our new state-of-the-art tuning facility!  Click here for directions

Welcome to Woodbridge Dynotech!.... We are the premier automotive performance tuning facility for the East Coast. Our mission is to provide professional tuning of high performance electronic fuel injected vehicles as well as performance carbureted vehicles. Our custom built tuning facility gives us the means to tune your car to its optimum level of performance without unnecessarily sacrificing reliability. Never before has the general public had access to the information available in our facility. We provide you the power to independently verify and validate the quality of work being done on your performance vehicle. Whether you are a performance enthusiast or a hard core racer, we have the means and the experience to dial-in your vehicle.

Get Baseline Dyno Information!....The best way to establish your car's state of health is to have it tested on our chassis dyno. For $75, your car will be run at wide open throttle three separate times on the dyno.  The baseline includes graphs and numerical printouts of the horsepower and torque produced at each 100RPM interval during each run. By establishing a baseline, you can make changes to your car and return at a later date to verify the performance gains. Ask about our custom built data acquisition system which provides additional information for advanced tuning.  Click here for pricing and availability

Custom Ford Mustang Chips!....    We have Mike Wesley's Autologic tuning software which gives us the capability to burn in-house custom chips for your specific application!

We support the following applications:

Year Engine Transmission
89-93 5.0L 5spd/Auto
94-95 5.0L 5spd/Auto
96-01 4.6L SOHC 5spd/Auto
96-01 4.6L DOHC 5spd/Auto

We can also provide chips for other applications such as the Lightning Pickups and lots of new Ford trucks and various other cars.

Don't get fooled into buying a mail order chip! We get it right the first time by tuning your car on our chassis dyno which utilizes the only custom built data acquisition system in the country!

Custom Corvette, Camaro and Firebird Chips! From bone stock to radically modified, no one else can match the quality of our custom chips!  Tuning isn't just about making tons of horsepower,...it must be done safely without sacrificing part throttle drivability.  Our custom built tuning facility is capable of measuring ALL the critical information during a dyno pull,...not just horsepower and torque.

Year Body Engine Transmission
85-92 Camaro/Firebird 5.0L LB9 Man/Auto
87-92 Camaro/Firebird 5.7L L98 Man/Auto
93-97 Camaro/Firebird 5.7L LT1 Man/Auto
85-91 Corvette 5.7L L98 Man/Auto
92-96 Corvette 5.7L LT1 Man/Auto
96 Corvette 5.7L LT4 Man/Auto
97-01 Coming Soon! LS1 Man/Auto

We also have the capability to support other GM applications such as the Buick GN, Corvette LT5, 454SS Pickup and many of the various six and eight cylinder TBI applications.  Call us for pricing and availability.

The custom chips are developed by tuning your car on our chassis dyno. Nobody comes close to the quality of our tuning, because no one else can measure and analyze the volumes of data we acquire during each dyno pull.

Put some power into your Powerstroke!.... with DiabloSport's new towing and performance chips for the 1994 to 2001 Ford Powerstroke diesel. The chips are offered in three stages for both intercooled and non-intercooled engines. Power and torque increases up to 86 HP and 200 ft-lbs have been recorded on the dyno! The Stage I chip can increase your mileage from 2  to  3 mpg over stock, while still enjoying significant improvements in performance. Most installations can be accomplished in less than a day. Call us and make an appointment today!

Accel's Generation 7 DFI.... is the latest development for speed density aftermarket digital fuel injection systems. The system can be configured with a stand alone wiring harness for classic street rods, or an adapter can be used to interface the system with existing wiring harnesses on late model muscle cars. Accel also offers complete EFI packages, such as the SuperRam for small block Chevrolets, which includes everything you need to convert your carbureted engine to EFI. Choose us to install and setup your DFI system and we will utilize our test facility to develop custom fuel and spark maps specifically for your engine combination.

New Paxton NOVI 1000!.... this unit was designed to appeal to the enthusiast who wants a powerful centrifugal supercharger in a compact package. Check out the new kit for the 1999 Ford Mustang Cobra, which increases horsepower from 270 HP to 420 HP at the rear wheels! Call today for a quote on installation and setup. We utilize our test facility to verify your kit is dialed in exact!

Contact Information

13016 Bristersburg Road, Midland, Virginia 22728

email:  [email protected]

phone:  540-752-1600