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What is all this going to cost?.... Depending on the combination and intended use of the vehicle, the tuning process can last from 1 to 8 hours. The cost can be broken down into two categories...setup charges and hourly charges.

Setup charges include the work necessary to connect the vehicle to the data acquisition system.  Some sensors require the installation of adapter fittings on the car.  For instance, we charge a one time cost of $114 to install the wide band air-fuel ratio sensor fittings, which includes adapter, plug and gasket.

Hourly charges are based on the number of measurements acquired and the tuning support requested. For customers that only require horsepower and torque measurements, the cost is $75/hr. Each additional measurement acquired increases the hourly rate by the amount specified in the table below.  We also offer professional tuning services for an additional $75/hr.

The following table lists the prices for measurements that can be acquired in our test facility, which are in addition to horsepower and torque measurements. 


Measurement # Avail Range $/hr
 Exhaust gas temperature* 8 32 to1800 °F $10
 Air to fuel ratio* 2 10.5 to 17.9 $30
 Ignition timing 1 -30 to 90 °adv $30
 Ignition voltage pattern 8 0 to 20 Mhz $10
 Mass air flow sensor output voltage 1 -10 to 10 V $20
 Fuel injector duty cycle 1 0 to 100 % $20
 Manifold vacuum 1 -14.7 to 15 psia $20
 Blower pressure 1 0 to 50 pisg $20
 Fuel pressure (EFI) 1 0 to 100 pisg $20
 Fuel pressure (carb) 1 0 to 50 psig $20
 Fuel pump flow 1 0 to 70 gal/hr $20
 Tank return flow 1 0 to 70 gal/hr $20

*NOTE - There is an additional one time cost to install the adapters for these sensors.


The following table is an example of how to calculate the cost of tuning. The amount is representative of the cost for a 1000 HP supercharged application with an Accel DFI programmable engine control unit, which includes setting up the system from ground zero. Addition measurements such as exhaust gas temperature are available, but where not included in this example.


Description cost hours qty total
 A/F adapters - hardware and installation $114 -- - $114
 A/F ratio $30 4 2 $240
 Ignition timing $30 4 1 $120
 Fuel injector duty cycle $20 4 1 $80
 Blower pressure $20 4 1 $80
 Fuel pressure $20 4 1 $80
 Chassis Dynamometer $75 4 1 $300
 Tuning $75 4 1 $300
Total $1,314     


Is $1,314 a lot of money to get your car setup and tuned properly? Considering you probably spent twice that to make your car look good, we feel that it is a fair price for a service that will make your car fast and safe. Think of it as insurance for your investment. If we didn't believe this is the right approach to tuning cars, we would not have spent 3 years, and over $250,000 to build our facility.

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email:  jsealock@woodbridgedynotech.com

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