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A brief history in tuning...

In the beginning....before the advent of dynamometers and data logging equipment, performance tuning was accomplished at the track by utilizing one's understanding of the fundamentals of internal combustion engines and lots of trial and error. Over the years, many "thumb rules" were developed to guide tuners in their efforts to set up various combinations. For a given combination, tuners would begin with a conservative setup and then sneak up on the optimum fuel and spark requirements by analyzing what little information was available and by using "thumb rules" to make changes to the setup. Due to the lack of accurate, meaningful information, tuners inevitably made changes to the system that degraded horsepower and or damaged equipment.

The information age is here...with the proliferation of silicon based electronics, many meaningful physical attributes can be measured and manipulated to optimize the performance of an internal combustion engine. Sensors that measure temperature, pressure, acceleration, velocity, distance, gas composition, electromagnetic frequency and intensity can be utilized to record exhaust gas temperature, inlet air temperature, engine coolant temperature, manifold pressure, fuel pressure, cylinder pressure, fuel flow, blower boost, engine torque, engine speed, ignition timing, exhaust gas oxygen content and much more. Properly sampled, conditioned and analyzed, this type information can be utilized to safely optimize an engine combination in a matter of hours.

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